MAC Youngstown 51Y

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MAC Youngstown 51Y

Black Polled Purebred Salers

Calved 2/22/11 Reg#P676048 BW 86  Adj. 205 - 635


Sire: MAC Topeka 159T

Dam: MAC Wistful 260W



Animal IdAverage Daily GainTendernessMarbling Version 2Percent Choice Version 2Yield Grade Version 2Fat Thickness Version 2Ribeye Area Version 2Heifer Pregnancy Rate Version 2Stayability Version 2Maternal Calving Ease Version 2Docility Version 2Horn-Polled Salers

MAC YOUNGSTOWN 51Y puts together an outstanding combination of needed and sought after traits.  He combines a moderate birthweight and birth EPD with outstanding performance, a well-designed phenotype, gentle disposition, good structure and a very impressive mother.  This TOPEKA son has been DNA tested to be homozygous polled and is out of a first calf daughter of NAVIGATOR who is angular and feminine with lots of capacity, good structure and a well-designed udder.  His grandmother has been a very productive cow who has an average birth ratio of 94 on 8 calves.  He is a likely candidate for use on heifers.  Retaining 1/2 revenue-sharing semen interest.