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Performance Power 2022 Sale Bulls

Lot 33-MAC Jetliner 151J
Lot 40-MAC Jolt 203J
Lot 47-MAC Jericho 37J
Lot 49-MAC Jail Bird 16J
Lot 53-MAC Jukebox 271J
Lot 59-MAC Javelin 247J
Lot 67-MAC Big Jake 354J
Lot 85-MAC Jackson 81J
Lot 97-MAC Bo Jangle 546J
Lot 100-MAC Journeyman 455J
Lot 103-MAC Jaguar 19J
Lot 104-MAC John Deere 72J
Lot 122-MAC Joliet 150J
Lot 134-MAC Jawbreaker 145J
Lot 166-MAC F1 Jelly Bean 451J
Lot 182-MAC F1 Judson 96J
Lot 192-MAC Jupiter 108J