Why Salers?

We are committed to producing genetics that will maximize profitability for the commercial cattle producers that are our customers.  We believe that Salers and Optimizer composites offer the greatest potential to add profitability to our customers’ bottom lines.  Here’s why.

Calving Ease and Calf Vigor

Salers females are well-documented to have the largest pelvic area of any U.S. beef breed of cattle.  This, combined with the slender shape of the Salers calf results in a very pleasant calving experience.  These factors, along with the Salers calf’s incredible ability to get up and sucking immediately after birth gives them the greatest possible calf survivability rate at birth.

Maternal Efficiency

Salers are very efficient at raising a big calf and coming back bred year after.  They are long-lived females with an average lifespan of 12-14 years.  Udder quality is generally good and feet and leg problems are minimal.

Carcass Quality

As a breed, Salers are among the highest marbling of the Continental breeds.  They have well-muscled carcasses that don’t put on excessive outside fat.  They make an ideal cross with English-bred cattle to improve yield grades while retaining marbling.

Survivability in Harsh Environments

Salers were designed to excel in tough, rugged country.  Research has documented their willingness to graze at higher elevations and travel farther from water than most other breeds.  Salers bulls are aggressive breeders that will spend their time covering the cows and not laying by the waterhole.  It all adds up to MORE POUNDS OF CALF WEANED  WITH LESS LABOR - a better bottomline with less work!