MAC F1 Rainstar 15R

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Homozygous Black Polled (Sc) Optimizer (50% Salers / 50% Angus)
Calved 2/02/05    Reg# TP623875
Owned with Ward Ranches, Shingle Springs, CA
BW 67    Adj. 205 - 619   
Scrotal Circ. (11 mo.) 33 cm   Frame 5.2
Adj REA 14.4 (Ratio 110)   Adj. IMF 4.81 (Ratio 126)

Sire: CA Future Direction 5321 (Angus)
Dam: MAC Black Flora 6F

RAINSTAR is an embryo transplant son of the carcass king of the Angus breed, FUTURE DIRECTION, and the Salers breedís most proven high marbling female, MAC BLACK FLORA 6F.  His first calves born at MacDonald Ranches have an average birth weight of 76 pounds.  Count on light birth weights, outstanding carcass traits and maternal excellence from this attractive son of FUTURE DIRECTION.