MAC F1 Pacesetter 171P

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Black Polled (Sc) Optimizer (50% Salers / 50% Angus)
Calved 3/04/04 Reg# P613038
Owned with James Plasek, David City, NE
BW 91    Adj. 205 - 735    Adj. 365 - 1410
Scrotal Circ. (12 mo.) 40 cm   Frame 6.8
Adj REA 16.6 (ratio 129)   Adj. IMF 4.22 (ratio 124)

Sire: BCC Bushwacker 41-93 (Angus)
Dam: BEV Jennissey 125J

PACESETTER is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most consistent and proven Optimizer bulls available.  He was the high-selling bull of our 2005 sale and sired a member of our 2005 National Champion Pen of Optimizer Bulls.  PACESETTER is a very well-balanced and attractive bull with a phenotype that features tremendous length of side, a long hip and a powerful quarter that carries deep down into his hock.  He is the largest ribeye bull we have ever measured in 8 years of collecting ultrasound data and combines it with an impressive IMF reading.  We have sold 3 sons of his very productive dam in the last 3 years for an average price of $5500.