MAC Seminole 58S

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Black Polled (Sc) 75% Salers
Calved 2/15/06 Reg# P633410
BW 79    Adj. 205 - 732    Adj. 365 - 1233
Scrotal Circ. (12 mo.) 37cm   Frame 6.2
Adj REA 15.6 (ratio 122)   Adj. IMF 3.60 (ratio 123)

Sire: MAC Lennox 314L
Dam: MAC Paylee 282P

SEMINOLE is a young 75% Salers and 25% Angus bull who shows promise of excellence in nearly every trait that we evaluate.  His performance spread is outstanding, combining a weaning ratio of 111 with a birth weight of 79 pounds (ratio 94).  His phenotype and structure are designed for longevity with a correct leg and plenty of flexibility to his pasterns.  He is long-sided, big-testicled, medium-framed and extremely gentle with extra volume and capacity.  There is plenty of milk in his pedigree with both his sire and dam ranking in the top 2% of the breed for milk EPD.  There is so much to like about SEMINOLE that we had decided to use him as a herdsire even before he was ultrasounded and scored the largest ribeye that we measured in our 2007 bull calf crop along with an IMF ratio of 123.  His dam, a daughter of the breedís #1 marbling sire, LEGEND, ultrasounded with an IMF ratio of 111 and REA ratio of 108.