MAC Miranda 14U - Salers Supreme 2008 Lot 33

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Black Polled 87.5% Salers Female
Calved 2/4/08    Reg# P649751
BW 83    Actual Wt. on 11/18/08 - 845    Frame Score 6.1

Sire: S Nebraska 330N
Dam: MAC Shanda 332S

MIRANDA is a very attractive, high-volume, easy-fleshing and broody daughter of S Nebraska 330N.  She descends from one of MacDonald Ranches greatest cow families, being a great-great granddaughter of the prolific MAC Dolly 99D.  Dolly remains in production at the age of 15 with 13 natural calves and 10 ET progeny in the registry, including 2 of the top-selling bulls in MacDonald Ranches 2008 sale.  MIRANDA’s 1st calf dam is attractive and feminine with a well-designed udder and the fleshing ability and capacity typical of all cattle descending from the Dolly cow family.  Her grandmother has an average weaning ratio of 104 on 3 calves and will qualify as an ASA Silver Dam in 2009.