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MAC Ypsilanti 90Y

Black Polled 87.5 Salers
Calved 2/28/11 Reg#TP675917 BW 86  Adj. 205 - 634


Sire: Big Sky Triton 40R

Dam: WJM Nadine 145N


Animal Id

Average Daily GainTendernessMarbling Version 2Percent Choice Version 2Yield Grade Version 2Fat Thickness Version 2Ribeye Area Version 2Heifer Pregnancy Rate Version 2Stayability Version 2Maternal Calving Ease Version 2Docility Version 2Coat Color


YPSILANTI is an embryo transplant son of BIG SKY TRITON out of one of our most prolific donor dams, WJM NADINE 145N.  He is a thick-made, attractive, sound structured and eye-catching bull who nicely balances moderate birth weight with strong performance and maternal strength.  His dam was selected for our ET program because of her capacity, fleshing ability, sound udder and productivity.  YPSILANTI is one of 5 son of NADINE selling in Performance Power 2012, including two full brothers and two maternal brothers sired by MAC UNION STATION 87S.