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MAC Black Vista 349Y

Black Polled 87.5 Salers
Calved 4/01/11 Reg#P676083 BW 75  Adj. 205 - 602


Sire: MAC Torrington 139T

Dam: MAC Panorama 302P



Animal IdAverage Daily GainTendernessMarbling Version 2Percent Choice Version 2Yield Grade Version 2Fat Thickness Version 2Ribeye Area Version 2Heifer Pregnancy Rate Version 2Stayability Version 2Maternal Calving Ease Version 2Docility Version 2Horn-Polled Salers

VISTA is a moderate-framed, high-capacity, easy-fleshing bull who is loaded with maternal value from both sides of his pedigree.  He is sired by Milk Trait Leader TORRINGTON and his mother is a very easy-fleshing, high-capacity daughter of Milk Trait Leader MAC LENNOX.  She is best known as the mother of MAC STERLING SILVER 43S, herdsire for Panther Country Salers of Leigh, NE and the $10,000 top selling bull of our 2007 sale.  VISTA is one of the lightest birth weight bulls in the sale offering with a 75 pound birth weight and birth ratio of 82.  His appearance is reminiscent of our great herdsire BEV MASTERPIECE 110H who also appears on both sides of his pedigree.